Gameplay Features

Key gameplay features

Death Sentence has blending properties of shooters and off road racing. The shooting aspect is noticed in a game mode where you must avoid or eliminate your opponent. The off road racing appeal comes from the terrain the level takes you at. The player controls any of the characters that he/she choose. From there they’re able to move freely on the course without barriers. Although there is a hidden path the player must stay with or they will be reset to the course. This gives the feature or comfort of an open world without restrictions.

On the ground there will be marks that signal a power up or health to use. These signals are generated randomly for the purpose of what the user feels like doing with the item that he/she have collected. Depending on the level it can throw the opponent of course or destroy them.

Game-field Elements
1. WASD or the arrow keys: To move the vehicle.

2. Ctrl: Fire loaded weapon

3. Alt: Shuffle through weapons

4. Spacebar: Special weapon use

Pickups are in designated areas of the level and will give the user either a weapon or health. Some weapons are more vital compared to others. Each vehicle has a weak spot of a certain weapon. Precise aiming will be needed to take down your enemy. Examples of Pick-ups are:

1. Missile: Blows up or pushes the enemy away from you.

2. Machine Guns: The weak ability to distract the enemy.

3. Landmines: Gives an overview of the map on where you would like to place

4. Oil slicks: Slips enemies off the road or into potential dangers

5. Health: The ability to protect yourself from incoming damage

6. Special Power: Each vehicle’s designed special weapon and rare to get. Completely kills or weakens the opponent.
There are several types of interactive obstacles that can be found within each level. Some are destructible and others are stationary.

1. Stationary: Objects that are forced into the ground and can never move.

2. Ramps: Can launch your character to a different part of the road giving you the advantage.

3. Water: This obstacle slows down leaving the vehicle vulnerable.

4. Toxic waste: Slowly eats away the vehicle’s health.

5. Lookout towers: Guards shoot down at you and enemies to weaken your vehicle.

6. Waste Barrels: Barrels filled with toxic waste for dumping

Some enemies may appear out of nowhere or randomly generate to keep you alert. Some enemies will attack other vehicles while others are designed to come after you. The semi-truck will come out to dump some of the obstacles at you to throw you off course.


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