Project Team

Shane Henrikson

Project Manager

Shane Henrikson

Shane currently works as the backbone for Death Sentence. He is the individual who oversees the project in its entirety, from the modeling assignments and programming features, all the way down to the marketing and management. His background in backlog and team management, as well as assessment allocation lends itself naturally within the scope of the project. 

Richard Kirk

Art Director

Richard has extensive experience with Maya, 3D studio Max, Photoshop, Hammer editor, Unreal editor 3, Adobe premiere and Motion Builder X. With a preference to 3D modeling, Richard hopes to get a job as a level designer/environment artist, however is also capable of animating, rigging and lighting .

Dave Voyles

Environment Artist / Web Design / Programmer

Dave is responsible for modeling environmental art assets, programming weapons, vehicles, pickups, and cameras, while managing the web design. He feels most comfortable in 3DS max and Photoshop.  Dave was also Managing Editor for the Armless Octopus, which covers Xbox indie, XBLA, and PC indie titles. Finally, Dave is Co-Coordinator of the Xbox Indie Games Summer Uprising.

Richard Bray

Environment / Texture Artist

Richard has extensive experience as a character artist. He is proficient is high poly character modeling, detailed environment modeling, as well as the ability to model characters from concept art. Furthermore, he holds an excellent understanding of human anatomy, as well as basic knowledge of rigging and animation.